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PayPo - installation guide

1. In order for a plugin to work correctly, it is required to include keys for plugin configuration. The keys are available in PayPo merchant at Settings > Integration.

See a link to sandbox:


2. A plugin setting ‑ please type a URL address to an API PAYPO ‑ for a sandbox it is:

Zrzut ekranu 2022-11-29 o 11.05.46

Order’s statuses must be selected ‑ which are accountable for confirmation, annulment or a refund.


3. At Sales Channel ‑ a PayPo method must be selected as “active” 

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4. Tests ‑ create a test order, choosing PayPo as a payment method. 

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5. As a next step, please edit orders with PayPo payment, setting them with statutes that had been defined earlier. Annulment / refund is under “Payment status (Option no. 1) and Confirmation under “Payment status (Option no. 3)

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6. Statuses then are changed in PayPo dashboard: 

Zrzut ekranu 2022-11-29 o 11.14.15